Managing Pregnant Mares

Three hundred and forty-five days, give or take about 25. That’s approximately how long your mare will be pregnant. Mares are somewhat unique in the fact that even though their gestation period lasts the better part of a year, it’s only in the final three months of pregnancy that owners must treat them as “pregnant […]

How to deal with a Lazy Horse?

You might want to think about things from your horse’s point of view before you label him as a lazy horse. When you ask your equine friend to do something, have you ever stopped to think about how it looks from his perspective – what’s in it for him? Thinking about things from your horse’s […]

Feeding Ponies

It might seem cruel to strap a muzzle over their noses and deprive ponies of the pleasure of free grazing on lush grass, but muzzling them is actually loving them. The fact is, ponies are simply not built for that kind of gastronomical luxury. In order to prevent obesity-related diseases, feed your lovely pony the […]

Is Your Barn Ready for Winter?

Weathering winter can often take a lot of diligence and preparation – for both your horses and you. When it comes to keeping your equine friends and yourself comfortable, winter will impact everything. Before you start spending more time in your house and your horse in your barn, your tack organization will be needing some attention. Your […]

Best Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner so everybody is probably hunting for perfect dog Halloween costumes. If you own a dog or a couple of them it’s most likely that you’re having more fun dressing up your canine companion than finding a costume for yourself. Be honest, is there anything better than that look of […]

Top 10 Pet Care Tips

Sometimes it’s very difficult to stay on top of what’s best for your own well-being and health, so figuring out what’s good for your pet may also seem a little confusing. Keep your canine companions and feline friends happy and healthy by following these 10 pet care tips. Pet Care Tips 1. Spay and Neuter […]

Reptile Handling Tips

Welcome to our second article in which you can find more tips on how to handle reptile pets. Handling reptiles can be extremely dangerous when not knowing facts about an animal and its history. Don’t go to a pet shop to buy a reptilian before getting your facts straight and getting to know the animal […]